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broken document files in LibreOffice on Fritz.OS CIFS mount

2020-11-22 : Simple workaround for broken LibreOffice documents on Fritz!Box share.

Linux autofs CIFS mount of FRITZ!Box NAS

2020-10-26 : Accessing a cifs mount with autofs.

Linux openSUSE Leap HDMI output not working correctly

2020-10-25 : Linux HDMI to receiver connection in a home theatre setup

watching Amazon Prime with Linux openSUSE Leap

2020-10-25 : Linux video streaming of DRM content

Upgrade openSUSE Leap 15.1 to 15.2

2020-10-25 : simple openSUSE Leap upgrade tutorial

Apache AuthType configured without corresponding module

2018-07-24 : How to solve a misleading error log entry of the Apache VAS4 authentication module.